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Anybody who has even remotely paid any attention to their geography classes can say without hesitation what a continent is: a gargantuan landmass separated from other landmasses by a large body of water. Naturally, there is also the distinction between continents and islands. Great, but what about continent canvas prints? They are incredibly stylish decorative solutions that can fill your interiors with unique charm and make them much more appealing thanks to their uncommon elegance and character. Regardless of whether you opt for an artistic print with four continents or a creative representation of the entire globe, you can be sure that the designs will take your flat or office to another level.

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Known lands: one print, four continents, infinite style

In recent years, geographic motifs – especially maps – have seen a drastic rise in popularity. Interior designers keenly take advantage of both modern and historical cartographic documents to create new wall decorations. It’s no wonder: the motif can be used in all kinds of interiors and styles and remains a great choice for both expressive and subtle spaces.

  • That being said, there are different continents canvas prints designs especially with specific décor styles in mind and not every print will look good in every interior. We’re talking about maps after all and it’s not advisable to take a map of ancient Rome on a trip around Spain. Since it can be a bit challenging, in this article we’ll demonstrate how to select the best continents canvas prints for your unique interior. Join us on a journey to explore the most stylish decorative designs for a flat, an office and any other type of space…

For all globetrotters: continents canvas prints for living rooms and bedrooms

There aren’t many people who can with honesty say that they hate travelling. Because what’s not to like about visiting foreign countries? Sure, it may be uncomfortable to move from point A to point B but is it enough to resist the excitement of learning about new lands and cultures? For us, it’s definitely not! Nevertheless, there are many people for whom travelling is their whole life. They put aside money every month to regularly visit places they haven’t seen before or return to their favourite, most awe-inspiring parts of the world. We’re absolutely convinced that our continents canvas prints will appeal to those restless, nomadic souls and provide them with new opportunities to decorate their homes in between their journeys. Consider, for instance, a large-format print depicting a selected continent as a complementary decoration for many different types of décor and especially for minimalistic living rooms or colonial-style bedrooms.

Thematic décor? With our prints it’s simple!

Since we’ve already mentioned several decorative styles, let’s also talk about a recent trend that is slowly taking over the world of interior design and which can be used in home and office décor as well as in public spaces, such as cafés and restaurants. That trend is thematic décor – designing interiors that follow a certain theme.

  • If you’re planning to introduce a theme into your décor, prints with continents will be a wonderful addition to any space. If your room is inspired by the minimalistic Zen aesthetic or if you’re running a Japanese restaurant, hang a map of Asia on one of the walls. An if your living room features traditional African carvings and design elements, complete the décor with a map of that continent.  

A treat for children

At the beginning of this text, we’ve mentioned geography classes since for many people, that is where their passion for travelling comes from. It’s important to remember that in an educational context, a map is more than just a decoration or a sentimental souvenir – it’s first and foremost a teaching air and a didactic help. A continents canvas print can therefore be used as a (stylish and useful) decoration for both a child’s room, a teen’s room or a high-quality, durable addition to a geography classroom.

Our collection of continent designs includes many different takes on the theme, so you’ll easily be able to find many prints with didactive elements, such as a map depicting natural resources associated with different parts of the world or animals that live there. Another great advantage of these designs is their universal character. Regardless of the age or gender of your kids, continents canvas prints will always be a fantastic addition to their room. As long as your selected design does not feature elements designed specifically for little kids, you can successfully use it in both small boys’ and teenage girls’ rooms.